150 years ago the Perigueux-Brive railway was built!

Perigueux-Brive 150 years


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in Dordogne (France).  


The municipality of Coulounieix-Chamiers, located on the outskirts of Périgueux (Dordogne's Prefecture in France), is intimately linked to the world of railways .

Fifty members participate in various activities of Mériller-Vapeur 24 Club, whose premises are located in the old municipal workshops, rue du Colonel Rossel.

This club includes several activities:
- Maintenance and beautification of the Mériller roundabout, on the road to Bordeaux, where is exposed a steam locomotive type 150 A 65 "the Decapoda".
- Recovery and classification of archival materials in order to keep remnants of the railway endeavor in the region.
- Model making section that deals with the construction of a fixed railway network in the club house, and a removable network and some dioramas presented in club exhibitions.

Chaired by Roger MAROUBY, the club offers various activities on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.
If you visit us, a friendly welcome will provide to you all the informations you want to get.